HP LaserJet P1000 Series

HP LaserJet P1000 Series

The HP LaserJet P1000 Series control panel contains two lights and one button.

HP LaserJet P1000 P1500 note HP LaserJet P1000 Series NOTE:

See Status-light patterns for a description of what the light patterns mean.

HP LaserJet P1000 Series control panel (HP LaserJet P1006/P1009 shown)

HP LaserJet P1000 P1500 control panel1 HP LaserJet P1000 Series

Attention light: Indicates that the print cartridge door is open or other errors exist.
Ready light: When the device is ready to print, the Ready light is on. When the device is processing data, the Ready light blinks.
Cancel button: To cancel the print job that is currently printing, press the Cancel button (HP LaserJet P1006/P1009 only).
HP LaserJet P1000 P1500 HP LaserJet P1000 Series