Printing watermarks

Printing watermarks

Use the watermark option to print text “underneath” (in the background of) an existing document. For example, you might want to have large gray letters spelling out Draft or Confidential across the first page or all of the pages of a document.

HP LaserJet P1000 P1500 ico h2om Printing watermarks

From your software application, access the printer Properties (or Printing Preferences in Windows 2000 and XP).
On the Effects tab, select the watermark you want to use.
HP LaserJet P1000 P1500 note Printing watermarks NOTE:

Not all printer features are available from all drivers or operating systems. See the printer properties (driver) online Help for information about availability of features for that driver.

Print the document.
HP LaserJet P1000 P1500 Printing watermarks