Print-quality settings

Print-quality settings

Print-quality settings affect print resolution and toner usage.

Use the following procedure to change print-quality settings:

Open the printer Properties (or Printing Preferences in Windows 2000 and XP). See Printer preferences (driver) for instructions.
On the Paper/Quality tab or the Finishing tab (the Paper Type/Quality tab in some Mac drivers), select the print-quality setting you want to use. The following options are available:

FastRes 600 (HP LaserJet P1000 Series only): This setting provides 600 dpi effective output quality.

600 dpi (HP LaserJet P1500 Series only): This setting provides 600 x 600 dpi output with Resolution Enhancement technology (REt) for improved text.

FastRes 1200: This setting provides 1200 dpi effective output quality.

EconoMode: Text is printed using less toner. This setting is useful when you are printing drafts. You can turn on this option independently of other print-quality settings.
HP LaserJet P1000 P1500 note Print quality settings NOTE:

Not all printer features are available in all drivers or operating systems. See the printer Properties (driver) online Help for information about availability of features for that driver.

HP LaserJet P1000 P1500 Print-quality settings